Agile Transformation

Our Agile transformation services, are uniquely tailored for large organizations who are transforming or ready to transform the way they do business. Moving to an Agile culture requires a shift in mindset and practices on many levels. People need to communicate differently; collaboration between teams needs to change; and managers need to become Agile leaders. We assess the current environment and utilize our knowledge of a wide varieties of Agile methodologies (Scaled Agile, Disciplined Agile Delivery, LeSS, Scrum, Kanban, XP) to develop a custom Agile delivery strategy that will take into account unique aspects of your organization.

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Agile Assessments and Roadmap

In order to provide our clients with a realistic roadmap of how they can achieve their goals, we assess an organization's business, skills, processes, culture and current technology. Our comprehensive assessment can help us identify existing characteristics that will support and amplify Agile adoption, and those that will impede an organization's transformation.



During an Agile transformation, our proprietary benchmarking tools can be leveraged by various teams (ie. Development teams, Program level teams, Technology teams) to produce self-assessments of their performance against organizational benchmarks. Measuring where teams are at against the Agile roadmap, allows us to quickly identify issues and focus resources where they are most needed, to help build consistency in execution and foster a mentality of continuous improvement.

Coaching and Training

We provide Agile coaches who will train, guide and support your teams throughout the transformation process. We employ a holistic coaching approach that ensures your teams acquire the skills, knowledge and proper Agile mindset to become effective, self-sustaining teams.


A key step in any Agile transformation is to focus on the collaboration between development and IT operations in order to support continuous delivery. Many organizations mature their Agile practices to achieve more frequent releases, but then teams are inhibited from moving more quickly due to issues encountered with continuous delivery. We coach an organization through these issues by employing DevOps and Systems Engineering best practices such as:

• Efficient build and migration processes
• Behavior Driven (BDD), Feature Drive (FDD), and/or Test Drive (TDD) Development
• Automated functional, integration, and performance testing
• Technologies to enable post go-live support and transition to Operations

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