Agile Talent

Agilea Solutions provides Agile talent for enterprise clients looking to enhance solutions delivery within their organization. We specialize in providing teams of coaches, scrum masters, and technical personnel that work together with your business and IT stakeholders to develop an Agile transformation program that is tailored to the unique challenges of your organization. Our team of Agile professionals work exclusively with large companies and have a unique ability to breakdown organizational barriers, build executive support and deliver transformative Agile delivery models at scale.

Accelerated Enterprise IT Delivery = Improved Results

We are unique in that we are not a recruitment firm, but rather a niche consulting firm who partners with our clients to build a cohesive strategy for their organization and supports their existing personnel on their Agile journey. Agilea Solutions delivers across all areas of Agile software development and provides clients with a full team to support their transformation. Our experience personnel include:

• Scrum Masters
• Agile Coaches and Embedded Agile Coaches
• Agile Trained Application Developers; Solution Architects
• DEVOPS and Systems Engineers
• Automated Test Engineers
• Application Specialists (Product Owners and Product Managers)

We are confident in our approach to building a team of Agile talent that meets the needs of your organization, and can provide you with the passionate and experienced Agile experts needed to accelerate IT delivery. We understand that your business needs are unique so we offer a range of services:

Staff Augmentation

Contract to Hire

Statement of Work

Direct Hire

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in enhancing your existing Agile talent.

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