Our Story

Having spent the past 15 years delivering large complex Workforce Management Systems Integration services to some of the most respected Fortune 500 companies in the world, our founders noticed that these organizations were finding it increasingly difficult to mobilize their resources quickly and adapt to rapidly changing consumer, market and regulatory demands.

Accelerated Enterprise IT Delivery = Improved Results

With our hands on experience and success applying Agile principles and methodologies within the enterprise, we saw an opportunity to help transform large organizations who were looking to move away from traditional development practices to achieve their business goals.

While there were plenty of companies offering Systems Integration and Agile consulting services, we found that very few firms were able to provide the vision, strategy and technical expertise required to deliver transformation at the scale required to truly impact a large, complex enterprise.

Agilea Solutions has experienced tremendous growth filling this need for our clients. The combination of increasing productivity and delivering more value while reducing delivery costs seems to resonate with Executives.

Our Approach

As an outside organization, we work within your existing teams to assess current processes, practices and technologies. We work across vendors/business units to identify gaps to improve overall organizational agility. Agilea Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the experience they need to achieve success at the enterprise level. We are a partner who will provide:

Solutions that Scale. Our teams understand the technical and organizational challenges that large organizations face, and will consider a series of complicating factors when developing strategies that will scale.

Enterprise Experience. Our professionals are passionate about the work they do helping enterprise executives solve complex operational challenges. With an average of 10+ years of experience, each consultant has the requisite skills and knowledge to advise on methods that will bring about increased efficiencies and business performance.

Value. We have built a company that provides our clients with the expertise, depth and scalability of a large strategic consulting firm, at a rate structure more in line with a smaller consulting firm.

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